I moved to Sonoma County from San Jose about 7 years ago.  I instantly fell in love with this area.


I'm truly a gal who likes simple pleasures.  A meandering drive to the coast, swirling a glass of cold rosé, that comforting first slurp of phó, soaking up sun at an outdoor winery concert, patio dining under twinkle lights, friends gathered around a long wooden table, dusty hikes with epic views....


Sonoma is like a treasure chest filled with many gems: magnificent food, wine, and people. 

I've always been tuned in to my senses.  I think that's what makes me such a passionate explorer.  


Plop me anywhere in Sonoma and I'll listen to the local chatter for hours.  Place a steaming dish of grandma's pork ragú in front of me and my phone will capture the beauty of the dish from every angle.  Sonoma County nights, when the breeze rolls in, feels so fresh against my cheeks. And give me a Catellis' burrata experience, like a gooey cloud of cheesy heaven sitting on my tongue...Sonoma is a feast for my senses.   

I'm excited to take you along with me as I explore.

I'd love to hear from you!  Drop me a little message.